The Great Arcanum


All religions are precious jewels

on the golden string

of divinity.

– Samael Aun Weor


Providence 8Φ8


“…From the beginning the whole development [of the universe] is predetermined in its self-knowledge and at every moment in its self-working – it is and moves to what it must be by its own original Truth, and will be at the end that which was contained and intended [Involved] in its seed.”     -Sri Aurobindo


Spiritual Experience

The Silence Xpressing ITself ..


Human experience: Experience in which the subject is the spirit and the object is nature.

Spiritual experience: Experience in which the subject and the object are both the Spirit.

Nature is manifest Spirit. Spirit is unmanifest nature.

Therefore, human experience is by nature a spiritual experience; it is the Spirit looking at its own image in the mirror of nature.

And herein lies the mystery of the doctrine of creation by reflection: “Man is created in the image of God.”

From an esoteric perspective, God looking into the mirror of nature sees its own image in an outwardly limited form, an image which is the human person. God does not create man as something other than itself, for the infinity of God precludes any conception of the other; the human being is personified divinity sunk into the forgetfulness of its own true nature.

The Fall was not the fall of…

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ONE13 27 to 37

The Voiceless Voice poetics this day; ONE of smiles, wistful tears 2inspire2 …


Release the dead

lest join them;

Animate phantoms

in froughtful  guise.

Living to survive is futile …

for we all are born to die.






to truly live

as pure vessels of life force

is to abandon

all thought

into the effervescence

born of rocky falls

and It’s cascades









“And today IT is different again.”



 The most serious vice innate in most men’s souls is one for which everybody forgives himself and so never tries to find a way of escaping.

You can get some idea of this vice from the saying that a man is in the nature of the case ‘his own best friend,’ and that it is perfectly proper for him to have to play this role.

It is truer to say that the cause of each and every crime we commit is precisely this excessive love of ourselves, a love which blinds us to the faults of the beloved and makes us bad judges of goodness and beauty and justice, because we believe we should honour our own ego rather than the truth. Anyone with aspirations to greatness must admire not himself and his own possessions, but acts of justice, not only when they are his own, but especially when they happen to be done by someone else. It’s because of this same vice of selfishness that stupid people are always convinced of their own shrewdness, which is why we think we know everything when we are almost totally ignorant, so that thanks to not leaving to others what we don’t know how to handle, we inevitably come to grief when we try to tackle it ourselves.

For these reasons, then, every man must steer clear of extreme love of himself, and be loyal to his superior instead; and he mustn’t be put off by shame at the thought of abandoning that ‘best friend.’

Plato on Narcissim




In the Darkness taking flight
like a moth to a Flame
in Lure of The Source
filling its field of Vision
into a hypnotic Dance
of Death and Self destruction
to transformation
in Resurrection
from its Consumption
by the blinding Illumination
peer closely. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . …can you see me?
while others semblance of its kind
remain clinging
to sheltered facadessleeping in The Darkness.