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 St. John’s Spiritual Canticle, illustrates the recognition of being beloved in verses 22-23:

“And the look in my eyes pierced you.

When you gazed at me in return, your eyes impressed their grace upon me.

I felt so desired

that my eyes

were able



all they saw

within …




The Sun & The Moon and & The STAR


The sUn & The mOOn.

just a mir microsecond 2bræthe.

Fleeting kiss… the simultaneous (rise and fall/llaf and aesir)

…movement unto their own *missed* understanding of 1O& Undulations of AEIR .

Breathe. Intake2 Outgiving .

THE in betwIXt is reborn.


there is no identity


there IS true eXpresSION!



Shimmering Light of All

She Who Plays


The KE Y 2 ResTORation

Ancient gods

Lilith Goddess Queen Of The Sri Yantra

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Lilith Goddess Queen Of The Sri Yantra

The Goddess Lilith was the wife of the Sumerian Enki:

“Lilutu- whence derived the names of Lilith , Luluwa and others associated with the lily or lotus flower.”[1]

“Lilith who became another young consort of Enki, known to the Hebrews as Samael -from Sama-EL: Lord of Sama in northern Mesopotamia.”[2]

Samael is the name of Satan in Hebrew. This is where Samael and His wife Lilith in the Hebrew texts was stolen and corrupted from, Enki and Lilutu.

The Jewish texts also admit something:

Lilith states to the Jewish Elijah:

“Lilith stated: These are my names Lilith…..Kali…” [3]

Kali is the Hindu Goddess who is the consort of Shiva.

In Hinduism the Goddess who rules the Sri Yantra the most important yantra in Kundalini Yoga and represents…

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Our Biggest Delusion is Rooted in Our Ego

joy of nine9

I am living in a fantastical delusion when I see myself as the centre of the universe, viewing everything as it circles around me. As believers, we sing and recite prayers that proclaim that God is the centre of all but our psychological make-up screams the exact opposite. I view people, events, history and yes even God through my eyes, judging what is right, trusting my thoughts and my feelings as the final judge of what is real.

Most of us live in delusion. Even when we become aware of our narrow world view, it is almost impossible to let go of our deeply rooted assumptions and see reality. Actually, we can only see reality when we live in, with and through God.

There is a world of difference between a man who is aware of himself, sitting on a hill and looking at a beautiful sunrise and a man…

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176:167  COEMERGENCE I 13:13 IO 44


The Sun is analogous to, or is the physical manifestation of the Divine Creative Electric Masculine Power of Omnipotent INTENT, or WILL for the highest good of all. The Moon is the manifestation of the Divine Feminine magnetic receptive power which comes from omnipresent FLOWING TANGIBLE FEELINGS that are the highest good of all.
(see AS ABOVE and so BELOW)



” the ocean is vast and the possibilities are endless “

(1.13 Seconds)


Before the soul can see, the Harmony within must be attained, and fleshly eyes be rendered blind to all illusion. 

Before the Soul can hear, the image (man) has to become as deaf to roarings as to whispers, to cries of bellowing elephants as to the silvery buzzing of the golden fire-fly.

Before the soul can comprehend and may remember, she must unto the Silent Speaker be united just as the form to which the clay is modeled, is first united with the potter’s mind. 

For then the soul will hear, and will remember. 

And then to the inner ear will speak.

(Blavatsky, The Voice of the Silence)


176 “The Rooster has crowed this dawn”

167 “is my prerogative” ~E.AYA ∞ LV X

176 “The Rooster has crowed this dawn” 167 “is my prerogative” 3 27

Hru-Ra (Horus/IAO/The Supreme and Terrible God – Lord of the Aeon) has made an announcement: The decision for the time and manner of the consummation of all things is made ONLY by the WILL of the Supreme Lord.

The opportunities afforded to the children of the Holy Mother are likewise a matter of Divine Grace. The children need only have and exercise the WILL to make the most of those opportunities. This refers ultimately to the choice of “keep playing the human game” or “ get off the merry-go-round and go home.” However, there is a process to the latter in the form of initiations and awakening (which is also provided by Grace).

[T Y IX]




“Blessed are those who are pure in heart, for they will see God through themselves.” 76=13 ⚷